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Snow protection screens Lotrič

Patented and certified on load and paint resistance


When installing snow protection screens we often see different mistakes. In some cases we see that they are not arranged correctly or there are not enough of them for the complete surface of the roof. Suck mistakes, especially in the winter time with a lot of snow can be fatal for passers-by (common examples in the major cities, where snow falls directly on the sidewalk).

Installation of snow protection screens or their installation density depends on different factors, among which location of the facility is certainly the most important.

Location of the facility is important, because of the following factors:

  • Altitude.
  • Roof incline, more steep roofs have to have more snow protection screens. On such roofs the combination of point and line snow protection screens is also important
  • Type of roof covering.
  • Precipitation onm² by individual regions. See climatograph of Slovenia and calculation of point snow protection screens consumption.
  • Type and amount of snow protection screens that prevent sliding of snow.

Roofs safe against slip of snow, protected with point and line snow protection screens Lotrič