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Powder coating

Metal snow protection screens on the roof are exposed to atmospheric influences (UV rays, acid rain, and leachate) and are subjected to rust. We have to protect them against any negative influences and thus expand their lifespan.

Powder electro-static coating is an environmental and employee friendly procedure – it reduces gas emissions, the quantity of waste water and emissions into waste water.

Before coating we need to degrees and dry the surface of snow protection screens. On dried surface of snow protection screens we then apply powder coating (according to RAL) – electro-static coloring. The color on the snow protection screens is backed in the oven at the temperature from 180°C to 200°C. Snow protection screens are then cooled and prepared for packaging and transport to our buyers and roofers.

Final product – colored snow protection screens can come in different colors (according to RAL) and coatings, from glossy to matte. Quality snow protection screen is resistant to external influences, rust, mechanical action. Beside the quality that we get with electro-static coloring, we also have to mention the aesthetic advantage of such snow protection screen.

If you have selected roof covering in (red, black, grey...) color, we can also supply you with snow protection screens in the same color, so you roof will look like a complete unit.